Friday, 24 August 2012

The Grey Economy

How to cope with grey Australia
Oliver Marc Hartwich & Jessica Brown
Published 5:30 PM, 24 Aug 2012

Australia's population debate misses global ageing reality.
In Australia, we talk about population growth as if it is something to be feared. But across much of the developed world, population ageing is a far more worrying trend.
Populations are getting older and smaller across Europe and northeast Asia.
Japan is now the oldest society in the world. Its population is projected to shrink by a quarter by 2050....

1. As Oz ages, like many others, it will likely become more NIMBY, conservative and resist immigration.
2. Over the next 25 years our deaths rates double and our natural growth may drop to zero or even negative and there is no chance immigration will double or treble to compensate.
3. 40% of voters are above the age of 50 and this percentage grows significantly in the future.
4. Note our demographic momentum, more people living longer, is 1/3 of our growth in real population numbers. So natural growth, NOM and momentum.

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