Thursday, 2 August 2012

So what might we need?

As everyone is selfish by nature, we must ensure we actually know why we need our bubble to deflate slowly. A sudden pop would not be good for the nation, whereas the slow deflation down to the levels of actual affordability, is the option I see most likely to happen. This can be assisted by anti-speculation on residential laws and taxation changes.
We need to change over the near future,
  • Land tax to replace Stamp Duties (for the pensioners, this could accrue and be paid on the sale of the property)
  • Capital Gains on the PPOR if sold under 10 years (exemptions for health, work babies or any real legit reason to move)
  • NG only on new builds
  • Death Tax on estates over $2 million (25% on the amount over $2 million)
  • GST to 20% and the tax free wage threshold to $50k (increase welfare accordingly)
  • That we endeavor to have half the Parliament under the average age of the day and for all tax payers to have the right of representation, by voting rights. 16 to 18 years old, as voluntary voting.
  • To encourage our Australian born residents, and in particular our skilled youth, to return to Australia permanently after 7 years away, and have whatever HECS debt they personally have, cancelled on return to Permanent Resident status.
  • To encourage permanent placements into regional Australia, doctors who bring their family (wife and at least 2 children) and reside in a regional area, are given a free house for accommodation. After 5 continual years in that community, the house ownership is transferred to them at no cost.
  • A national scheme setup to encourage the youth, to take an recent sole immigrant, and provide a period of assimilation into the Australian culture and structures. The sponsoring Australian resident youth would receive a $150 per room allowance for this ‘inclusion’ in our future, for a maximum of 26 weeks. Conditions apply and read the small print etc....
I note that while I wrote these suggestions some 18 months ago, that alyssum seekers are being lodged domestically.  

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