Monday, 22 October 2012

Ok, on my first day...

Ok, so I am elected Prime Minister, want would I do first...

1) I would make voluntary youth voting for every 16 year old up. If they pay tax, then they should have the right to vote. Quite simply, kids today are more informed and more politically aware. They should have the right to vote.

2) I also think that the top 2.5% of high school graduates, should get a HECS free education. To pay for this get rid of the Baby Bonus totally as it only ever made a 1.2% gain in our fertility rates.

3) Abolish stamps and make the PPOR eligible for the full CGT if sold under 10 years. No CGT on any property after being held for 10 years. (Exemption for health, babies or work relocation)(pensioners can pay the Land tax as a 'deferred reverse mortgage' to the govt)

4) Centrelink to be the only provided of 'Reverse Morgtages' and all other commercial offerings banned. Centrelink can provide a no negative equity guarantee.

5) The PPOR over the value of $750k to be counted in the asset test for pension eligibility. Once again, reverse mortgages available to those you have ample equity and require the cash.

6) Work with Indonesia to put in a special military team/intel to 'take out' the people smugglers. We should be going after the 'drug dealers' not the 'drug users'. The people on Nauru have confirmed to me that the Indo police know who the smugglers are now. Fly all unauthorised asylum seekers who arrive, back to their country of origin. (Sorry Carmel, had to edit out 'illegal' as you pointed out :-)

7) Increase the GST to 20% to help pay for the ageing nation. Welfare /pensions to rise accordingly to compensate. With the increase in the GST the tax free wage threshold raises to $50k. Phased in over 4 years.

8) Family Assist Part S - Family Assist Part S

9) To encourage permanent placements into regional Australia, doctors who immigrate and bring their family (wife and at least 2 children) and reside in a regional area, are given a free house for rental accommodation. After 5 continual years in that community, the house ownership is transferred to them at no cost.

10) Death Tax on estates over $2 million (25% on the amount over $2 million)

12) Close the rort of SMSF's using NG/losses within the fund to increase their cap contributions levels and saving on tax on the way in. This rort is distorting the property market now and making entry homes even more unaffordable to our youth.


  1. The baby bonus should be abolished because it increased fertility rates. The picture I can't get out of my head is Big Daddy Peter Costello smiling smugly, Australia's super-stud! My greatest mirth: that Julia Gillard follows his lead!

  2. Brian, we have been replacement fertility for over 35 years now. The baby bonus made little, if any increase at all.

  3. Looks good but I think #2 is a bit problematic. I'd guess that a very high proportion of the top 2.5% of high school graduates come from expensive private schools, and can easily afford a HECS debt, or have their parents get the discount by paying up front.

  4. Mmmm.... good point, ok get a small committee together to work out how to best spend the approx $1.5 billion that is spent on the baby bonus to better ends. I have thought perhaps a graduation bonus for all Math/Science degrees?


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