Thursday, 29 November 2012

People Traffickers - Terroists and Their Treatment

Firstly let us establish some points.
1. When people die on unsafe boats making an unsafe paid journey for asylum, they are terrorized, to death!
2. The traffickers who profit and organise such perilous journeys are terrorists and must be treated as such.
3. No push factor will stop the actual asylum seekers getting on a death journey, only stopping the boats will stop the deaths at sea.

I suggest that our ASIS team, or some other similar organization in association with the Indonesian Security Services, have assets as potential asylum seekers and an aggressive intel operation be launched with the sole objective of capturing and sentencing as many 'trafficker terrorists' as possible. I would support the death penalty for those that could be identified as causing multiple innocent deaths and a minimum 25 year sentence for others. Heck, the Australian gov't could meet some of the overall costs of the sentence with approx a $250k contribution per 'terrorist' who is locked up for the full term. Certainly cheaper than our current policy settings I would think.

This will stop the boats and our humanitarian intake can be increased as it rightly should.

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