Thursday, 10 May 2018

Uber 'Promotions' and GST?

So the problem to me is that 'promotions' or discounts by uber are not reported to uber drivers and as such, the drivers are overpaying the GST payable on these particular trips.
Given that the use of 'promotions' and discounts is common in uber, then if uber are giving away $1.1 million in discounts, then collectively drivers are overpaying GST by approx $100,000 per year.

The email receipt and the rider invoice that they receive from uber directly, does not always match the rider tax invoice from the driver portal or the driver trip details via the app.

The 'promotions' are not reported to the drivers and as uber claim, that 'they are paying this 'promotion' on behalf of the riders, then surely the would also be paying the GST component of that to the ATO as part of the total fare, and if they are, as they should, then the drivers should get a GST credit for the 'promotions' amount to reduce the GST payable by the driver on that trip.

I paid as a rider $14.49, so the total GST owed is $1.31 according to the ATO as that is what the rider actually paid.

For the driver the GST, should be $1.31 - (uber fee $6.58) 59cents = $0.72 

Not as it is now, incorrectly in my opinion, as
$2.22 ($24.49 total trip fare)  - (uber fee $6.58) 59cents = $1.63

A 91 cent difference for the 'promotional' amount of $10

If ├╝ber have paid this 91 cents GST to the ATO, then they should and must report that to the driver so the total GST payable can be accurate as as per what the rider actually paid.

It would be total fare of $24.49 ($2.22 GST Payable) - uber fee of $6.58 (59 cents GST credit) - ubers payment of 91 cents as GST towards the riders fare (91cent GST credit to the driver) =72 cents. The correct amount.

We need uber to include the GST component of any 'promotions' into our driver reporting, both within the driver app and driver portal.

My rider info from my rider app, showing my trip with a $10 'promotion' 
as the email receipt, then the Rider Portal, then the rider app.

Rider Portal

The rider information via the rider app


The driver information via the driver app and the driver portal for the above trip.

The driver information via the driver portal for the rider invoice.

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